Completed Tasks

Completed tasks start with a lowercase “x”, then a space, and then the completion date in yyyy-mm-dd format.

What does a completed task look like?

A completed task looks like either one of these examples:

x 2021-04-01 this is a completed task with a completion date but no creation date
x 2021-04-01 2021-03-28 this is a completed task with a completion date followed by a creation date

Note that the “x” must be lowercase, there is always a completion date, and spaces matter, too.

The following tasks are not completed tasks, because not all of the formatting requirements are met:

(A) x 2021-04-01 this task does not start with a lowercase x
X 2021-04-01 a capital X does not denote a completed task
x a task with an x in front but no completion date is not a completed task either
x2021-04-01 this task is missing the space between the x and the complation date