SwiftoDo is a modern, powerful todo.txt app for iOS.


A task list that you control

Your task list is a plain text file, not some proprietary format owned by a company or locked to a specific application.

A simple and timeless format

Plain text is the simplest file format there is. It will always be accessible, by some kind of application, forever.

Few rules to learn

Learn only a few simple formatting rules (which SwiftoDo will take care of for you) to indicate task priority, task completion, and so on.

A GTD-ready system

The todo.txt format was built with Getting Things Done in mind. It supports projects (which begin with “+”) and contexts (which begin with a “@“).

Use alongside any app on any platform

You can sync your task list with any app on any platform via any app that supports the Files app, or via the built-in Dropbox plugin.


Built for iOS. At home on either the iPhone or the iPad.

What does it look like? How do I use it?

Explore this site to find screenshots, a detailed list of features, and all sorts of other information that will help you use the app.

Where can I get it?

Is there a macOS version?

SwiftoDo has a sister app, SwiftoDo Desktop, that runs on macOS.

Who makes it?

Michael Descy, who is happy you asked.

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