Done.txt file setup

SwiftoDo always keeps your done.txt file (archive file) contents in a file in its private folder. Changes to that file can get synced to a second file that you specify. Similarly, changes from the second file will get pulled into SwiftoDo if you refresh the task list. Refreshing the task list happens automatically when you open the app and when you pull-to-refresh on the task list screen.

First, choose a file sync provider

First, you choose one of the three file sync providers available:

  1. None

    Selecting “None” keeps your file local. No syncing will be performed. This is the default sync provider, though you are expected to change it when first setting up the app.

  2. Files (iOS 11+)

    Selecting “Files (iOS 11+)” will open the standard iOS file picker.

  3. Dropbox

    Selecting “Dropbox” will lead to screens that let you configure Dropbox access for SwiftoDo.

Then, choose the file to sync to

  1. Files (iOS 11+)

    You can navigate to any file that you can reach through the Files app. This includes local files, any files in iCloud, and any files accessible through third party file sync providers. Navigate through the file picker and tap on the file you want to sync to. You cannot create a new, blank file to sync to; you would have to use another app to do so.

  2. Dropbox

    If you have not yet authorized SwiftoDo to access your Dropbox, you will be presented with a screen asks you to authenticate to Dropbox, using either Safari or the Dropbox app, and then to authorize access to SwiftoDo.

    Once authorization is taken care of, you will be lead to a screen in which you will type in the path to your done.txt file on Dropbox. Note that all Dropbox file paths must start with a slash ("/"), and that slash indicates the root of your Dropbox folder. You can choose a text file in any folder within your Dropbox folder. You can also create a new, blank file at that file path.

Last, choose what happens to SwiftoDo’s existing archive file

You will be asked if you wish to overwrite SwiftoDo’s archive file, or to upload it to the file you just selected.